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Stories have the power to bring hope, joy, and unites us. 

stage musicals


Music by Ge Enrique

Book & Lyrics by Justin Anthony Long

Raquel, Gretel, and Sandy are everyone's favorite girl scouts. Most days they can be seen outside the Walmart in Sugar Land, Texas selling their cookies. They're so close to getting their cookie badges when two local troublemakers rob their moneybox! They may just be kids, but these three scouts prove that even the smallest packages can pack a big punch. 

*2012 Ken Davenport Play/Musical Contest Winner

*2014 Sound Bites Winner - Audience Choice Award for Best Musical

*Published in Theatre Now New York's 10-minute Musical Anthology

*Licensable from Music Theatre International (MTI)

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mission to the moon.jpeg

*Available soon from Music Theatre International

Music by Ge Enrique

Book & Lyrics by Justin Anthony Long

Loosely inspired by the tardigrades onboard the Beresheet Lunar Lander that crashed landed on the moon, Mission to the Moon: A Tardigrade Tale follows five brave tardigrades as they embark on an epic journey into space. This short musical is about courage, teamwork, feeling trapped, and the wellness of Planet Earth. 


Tardigrade: (n) a minute animal of the phylum Tardigrada ; a water bear.

A tardigrade tale

*Available soon from Music Theatre International

Book, Music & Lyrics by Justin Anthony Long

Arrangements by Noah Prizant

Jimmy Short is an average high school student with one big ass secret. It’s something he’s known about himself since he was eight years old, but hasn’t had the courage to tell anyone. So far, he’s only written about it in his private journal. When he leaves his journal behind in class for anyone to find, his whole world turns upside down. 10-minute version avail

*Official Selection 2023 Sound Bites Festival

*Official Selection 2022 Hollywood Short + Sweet Festival

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Book & Lyrics by Jonny Lee Jr. & Justin Anthony Long

Music by Joanna Burns & Amanda Duncan

When a mysterious amnesiac stumbles into a small southern town and threatens to dethrone the reigning champion, a Bakeoff goes awry and causes absurd hysteria in Shoofly. Add three cups of fun, a teaspoon of love and a whole lot of heart and you’ve got all the right ingredients for this wild and charming original musical romp!

*2017 ASCAP/DreamWorks Musical Theatre Workshop Official Selection

*2015 Invited to show at NYMF

*2011 NJ Playwrights Contest Finalist


SCREEN musicals & comedy


Music & Lyrics by Justin Anthony Long

Music Produced by Joanna Burns

Ft. Jelani Remy

Directed by Brandon Burks

Cinematography & Editing by Justin Anthony Long

Two lovers reunite following the COVID-19 Pandemic.

*2022 Tribeca Film Festival Official Selection


Pilot, Songs, and Series by Justin Anthony Long

A Half Hour Musical Sitcom

*2023 Finalist Raindance Film Festival Script Competition

*2023 2nd Rounder Austin Film Festival Screenplay Contest

*#1 Half-Hour Musical Sitcom on Coverfly

*Top 3% of all projects on Coverfly

Jewel Box Image site.png

by Ari Frenkel, Jonny Lee Jr., & Justin Anthony Long

Comedy Feature 

Teenage Ben Franklin, Georgie Washington, and Marie Antoinette go on an absurd and epic quest to defeat the wicked Lord Byron and save the people of Philadelphia.

*2018 LiveRead LA Winner

*Top 13% of all projects on Coverfly

BF LiveRead_edited.jpg
and more in development...
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